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I read Penelope Harris' letter, ("Mormons continually donate, work for poor," Forum, Dec. 27), and it seems pretty accurate, except for the part that says, as LDS members, "we have a responsibility to care for all of God's children."

That may sound insensitive on my part, but since most of our elected civil servants, and 70 percent of Utah's population are Republicans, it seems unproductive to help the old, sick and poor, when the Republican Party is against health care for those who can't afford it; against raising the minimum wage; trying to cut Social Security and Medicare; cutting unemployment and food stamp benefits, while giving breaks to the "job creators."

By voting for the party of your parents, friends and neighbors, you are helping create the very problem you're trying to fix! What's the point?

We'd need a lot fewer Good Samaritans if the Republican Party would quit expanding the population of sick, poor and homeless in America, and get the "job creators" to do their jobs!

Tom Kudla

Heber City

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