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"As a wise man once said, if you don't want gays to have sex, let them get married."

— mlawrence

commenting on the Jan. 3 Public Forum letter, "Same-sex, straight couples indulge in same acts"

"As much as I like the message, I still hate all billboards. They are all visual abominations and a scourge on our landscape. Naturally, they are a source of considerable campaign contributions for our local 'bought and paid for' politicians."

— WineO

commenting on the Jan. 2 article, "Utahns grace Mormon-inspired 'We're Atheists' billboard"

"Richard Nixon and John Swallow both had difficulties with their own electronic recordings and records. I doubt many politicians would accept the public's scrutiny body cams would provide, excluding Anthony Weiner of course."

— skeetersdad

commenting on the Jan. 3 Tribune editorial, "Law enforcement use of force needs constant training and review"

"The state's 'rational basis' argument for banning same-sex marriage is just as much a 'rational basis' for banning divorce, single-parent households, parenting by unmarried gay couples, and unmarried, single-parent surrogacy. And just as doomed."

— Emerald Twilights

commenting on the Jan. 2 article, "Procreation argument dropped in stay application"

"Ms Sabelius you hippocrat. It is beyond my apprehension that you could write such garbage and fail to tell the truth about forced abortions, death panels and mandating Shakira law."

— RushIsRite44

commenting on the Jan. 1 op-ed by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, "New health care benefits begin today for millions"

"You must be kidding..."

— printsalesman

commenting on the above comment

"Sarcasm, Sheldon, sarcasm. (Although here in Zion it's sometimes hard to tell)."

— PTStonecipher

commenting on the above comment

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