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Three Utah technology companies have introduced new products this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The trade show, which attracts thousands of retailers and tech companies from around the world to introduce their latest goods, ends Friday.


Tadpole • This is a new Bluetooth-enabled speaker for mobile devices that is about the size of a keychain and has a clip to hook on to purses and belts. It lasts for hours on a single battery charge and can be recharged with a built-in micro USB port. It comes in blue, red, purple, black and white and sells for $19.99.

Coda POP • This is a cylindrical Bluetooth wireless speaker for mobile devices that is water resistant and built to withstand outdoor use. The lithium-ion battery can keep the speaker charged for three hours. It comes in different colors including grape, black cherry and orange cream. It sells for $29.99.

GoLite chargers • A new line of portable battery chargers for mobile electronics. They range from 2,600 mAh to 13,000 mAh in capacities and can provide from two to six charges for mobile phones. The more portable $29.99 GoLite comes in different colors and also has a built-in flashlight. Pricing and availability on the larger chargers, the GoLite 7800 and GoFuel, were not announced.


invisibleSHIELD GLASS • The Salt Lake County-based business that built itself on its plastic film screen protector for mobile devices has now created a screen shield made of a thin sheet of tempered glass. The GLASS will be available for the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy and other mobile devices. A price and availability was not announced.

Sparq Powerbank • This is a portable battery for mobile electronics that can charge devices while on the go. It comes in two storage capacities, 10,000 mAh and 6,000 mAh, and it has two micro USB ports for charging.

Sparq Charger • This is a new portable charger for mobile devices that connects via USB. It has both wall socket prongs and a car adapter for charging while on the go. Price and availability for both the charger and the Powerbank were not announced.

Cover-Fit • A new Bluetooth wireless keyboard for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO devices. Pricing was not announced, and both products will be available along with the new Samsung devices sometime next month.


Headphones for women • The Park City company has designed a new line of headphones it says is "fine tuned and engineered specifically" for women. The headphones for portable devices has "unique adjustments in clamping pressure, headband size and shape, as well as form-fitting female-specific ear gels" that take advantage of what the company says are hearing differences between men and women. The line will launch March 15 and sell for between $29.99 and $99.99.

Sports headphones • A new lines of sports performance headphones are expected to go on sale in the summer. They will have new designs in remote controls and use ear-bud gels that are 30 percent stickier while you sweat than standard buds so they will stay in your ears during a workout. The headphones will sell for between $29.99 and $49.99 and launch in June.

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