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Another Sundance Film Festival is about to wrap up.

If you missed any of the movies this year, don't fret. Many of them made Hollywood deals with studios for distribution, and they likely will see the flicker of a theater projector sometime this year. And if not, they at least will land on Blu-ray and DVD. Here's a list of festival films that were sold to distributors this last week.

"Mitt" • The movie with the most local interest is this behind-the-scenes documentary about presidential candidate and former 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics honcho, Mitt Romney. Before it entered the festival, it had made a deal with Netflix, and is already streaming on the video site.

"Whiplash" • One of the most-talked about dramas at the festival was this feature about a teen-ager's obsession with becoming a great drummer. Sony Pictures Classics bought it for a reported $3 million.

"Laggies" • Keira Knightley stars in this comedy about an underachieving woman who befriends a teen (Chloe Moretz). A24 bought it for a reported $2 million for distribution in the U.S.

"Calvary" • Brendan Gleeson plays a priest who is threatened by a confessioner. The film was sold to Fox Searchlight Films for $2.5 million, Variety reported.

"I Origins" • Fox Searchlight also bought this science fiction film about a biology PhD who falls in love with a woman.

"Wish I Was Here" • Actor/director Zach Braff ("Scrubbs") sold his comedy-drama about a man facing a series of life crises to Focus Features. The controversial film was partly financed by the Kickstarter crowdfunding website.

"A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night" • This Iranian vampire western (you heard right) was purchased by Kinology and Cinetic Media for international and domestic distribution, respectively.

"Cold in July" • Michael C. Hall's first performance since "Dexter" is as this man who shoots a home burglar and prepares for retribution. The movie was bought by IFC Films for distribution here in the U.S.

"Dinosaur 13" • Lionsgate and CNN will be distributing this documentary about palentologists who discover a near-full T-Rex skeleton and become embroiled in a battle for credit.

"The One I Love" • Elisabeth Moss ("Mad Men") and Mark Duplass star as a married couple on the rocks who go on a weekend vacation to try and repair their relationship. The movie was sold to RADiUS-TWC, a subsidiary of the Weinstein Company, for release in the U.S.

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