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The Count My Vote initiative, being pushed by some activists in the state, disregards the fact that our nation was founded on the principle of "representative" government.

The Founders recognized the danger in mob rule that a democracy creates. Therefore, in our Constitution they created a form of representation for our republic.

Representatives, or those interested in the governing process and willing to get involved, are generally much better informed than the average voter, who makes political candidate decisions based mostly on "name recognition" and not much else.

The fact the "yard signs" actually make a difference in election results is a sad commentary on the intelligence of voters. And an open primary costs vastly more money.

Those who take the initiative to become informed, attend caucus meetings, and vote there are ones who care about our future. They represent the best among us. Our caucus system has worked very well for Utah and it should be continued.

James Carlyle Green

Heber City

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