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What is so laughable about being responsible? House Speaker Becky Lockhart and some legislators are simply, in essence, acknowledging that while there is some federal funding for the Medicaid expansion, there is not enough. It is unsustainable ("Herbert calls House Medicaid plan 'illogical'." Tribune, Feb. 19)

Medicaid expansion means expansion of the federal deficit, as well. Lockhart and her colleagues are, in essence, saying, they do not want to be responsible for more irresponsibility. They are, in essence, saying, "OK, let's help as many of you as we can. But let's pay for what we give you. We can't keep on putting it on a credit card. If that means we have to create a state program, we will."

This is more than just a matter of turning down more than $500 million. It is also the turning down of adding to the national debt. It is deciding that sooner or later, we've got to be responsible and logical. Illogical isn't the one who pays his debts, it is the one who doesn't.

John Jackson


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