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I was amused to read about the parking meter revenue shortfall of $1.5 million ("$1.5 million projected shortfall in Salt Lake parking revenue," Tribune, Feb. 24).

It might well be that many people will not go downtown because of the complicated and restrictive parking policy.

In the past merchants complained that employees were tying up parking all day, leaving no space for customers, and the city imposed hourly limits and issued citations to violators. It was never intended for revenue but was meant to gain compliance.

Later meters were installed and fees collected. Enforcement stopped after 6 p.m., allowing people to enjoy activities downtown without citations. The new system is in force until 8 p.m. Fees went from $1.50 to $2 for two hours. It holds that there are too many options available outside of downtown, and consumers won't dance to the city's tune.

Harry W. Patrick

Salt Lake City

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