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What were designers thinking when they manufactured a parking meter without face lighting? It was obvious that the meters would be installed in areas without street lighting. With Salt Lake City's extension of paid parking until 8 p.m., it is impossible, especially if you are a first-timer using the system or elderly, to analyze the steps to be taken to legitimize your choice of parking space!

The other evening, we chose to patronize a restaurant on 1300 East and when we located the meter in its dark corner location, there was no way either of us could identify which buttons we were supposed to push, much less read the instructions, to purchase our parking time. Our initial button choice prompted the meter to cancel our entry.

As we were getting frustrated and taking too much time, we deferred our place in line to another couple who experienced the same issue. After waiting and watching their attempts, we finally walked away hoping not to be ticketed for the 30 minutes remaining until 8 p.m. You wonder why Salt Lake City has seen a decline in parking meter revenue ("$1.5 million projected shortfall in Salt Lake parking revenue," Tribune, Feb. 25)?

Gregg Bambo

Salt Lake City

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