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Re Carol J. Conners' letter "Abortion sometimes prevents a horrible life," (Forum, March 23):

Ms. Conners writes that abortion can spare a child some possible future physical abuse by a mother who does not want it. But may I suggest another option. It's called adoption.

If a woman becomes pregnant through consensual intercourse and does not want the child, there are thousands of couples across the country who are childless and long to have a family.

If a couple engages in sex that leads to a pregnancy, they need to step up and take full responsibility for their actions and see the pregnancy through. Note that I said "they," meaning the father as well.

Instead of destroying a life because of inconvenience, selfishness or supposed lack of maternal instinct, give the child to a couple who actually wants one and cannot bear children on their own.

Who knows? That child may perhaps someday become a blessing to the whole of society.

John Lesko


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