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"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."

— General Corman

commenting on the April 8 article, "New report raises new questions about Swallow, Shurtleff"

"Around 2008, I wasn't a supporter of same-sex marriage. What changed? I heard Gayle Ruzicka on TV."

­— Chester4

commenting on the April 9 article, "Appeals court to hear arguments on Utah's same-sex ban"

"There is no way the kiss was gayer than going to a play ... with your mom."

— MyNameIsStrange

commenting on the April 7 article, "Onstage gay kiss 'repulsive,' Salt Lake theatergoer complains"

"Seems reasonable. I would also support reinstating the lyrics about drinking lager from steins and smoking big cigars, in the name of equality."

— Smonster

commenting on the April 8 article, "University of Utah weighing changes to 'discriminatory' fight song"

"Tired of people treating public land like it was their own personal amusement park, i.e.: ATV morons, goblin topplers, arch swingers, cattle grazers, vandals, looters, poachers; the list goes on. It's not your land, folks, it's our land. Treat it like you're a guest in someone else's home, because that's what you are."

— snakeman412

commenting on the April 9 Tribune editorial, "'Public' land is not open for just anything"

"The Feds could build a 50 story building to house investigators, lawyers & prosecutors to explore corruption in Utah. They'd have job security for another century."

— SkierJim7

commenting on the April 9 article, "Feds scrutinize Salt Lake newspapers deal"

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