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I would like to respond to Dennis Edmons' Public Forum letter "Political hypocrisy," (May 10). Evidently Dennis does not understand why Benghazi is yet being investigated again.

Hearings were not held by conservatives for the other embassy attacks during the Bush administration because there was no attempt to cover-up information regarding them.

The "most transparent administration" has stonewalled, refused to provide information and played politics with the lives of our ambassador and his rescuers. New information has again come to light involving this cover-up, hence another hearing is needed.

President Bush did not go on television, or go to the United Nations and lie to the American people and the world that the attacks were because of a video. The parents of those who lost lives in those multiple embassy attacks during the Bush administration were not met by a lying secretary of defense and told they died because of a video.

I will be voting in the mid-term elections and I do see through this veiled Democratic political hypocrisy. I am tired of being lied to by my president.

Mel Morris

West Valley City

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