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"The Republicans are finally admitting that they know nothing. That's progress, sort of."

— utecougar

commenting on the June 4 Leonard Pitts column, "Planet melts while GOP dithers"

"Gary Herbert and Becky Lockhart — Utah GOP versions of Ebenezer Scrooge and Cruella deVille."

— 358Slacker7

commenting on the June 4 article, "Film: Tragic stories of Utahns in the Medicaid coverage gap"

"This is in no way any different than the tactics employed by local police here in Utah. Except the feds got the right house!"

— Basslips

commenting on the June 3 article, "Shurtleff blasts agents' 'Dirty Harry' tactics"

"I notice we are rather disinclined to look at loss of productivity from smog and infant mortality rates in Magna when discussing Kennecott's economic impact."

— Ember1

commenting on the June 4 article, "Beer kicks in over $1 billion to Utah's economy"

"Exactly!! I drink beer and never miss a days work, yet every winter I'm at the doctor's office and laid up in bed from smog related illness."

— cmacattack

commenting on the above comment

"This would be winning the triple crown to disgrace Swallow, Shurtleff and Lee in one fell swoop. I am giddy with the thought."

— libgentile

commenting on the June 5 article, "Complaint to target alleged laundered donations to Mike Lee."

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