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Say what? Kate Kelly, the lady leading the Ordain Women charge is a former LDS missionary, a temple-going member, and a human-rights attorney, yet she's currently "totally, totally floored" that she's now facing a church disciplinary council for apostasy?

Common sense dictates that organized and repeated efforts by any person or persons to lead others away from the established codes and tenets of an organization will result in consequences. The question here is not whether or not women should be ordained, but rather whether or not one is willing to recognize and follow authorized and approved leadership within one's chosen organization.

There are not many Mormons on the planet, myself included, that haven't asked "hard questions" at one time or another — out loud or otherwise, and no one has ever gotten in trouble for doing so. In Ms. Kelly's case, she got an answer she did not like and, despite counsel to the contrary, has chosen to continue to run headlong down her own path in order to remain "authentic."

The "deep devastation and sorrow" she reportedly now feels about being faced with church action strikes me as naive at best. In view of her persistent and divisive activities, what other course could she expect the church to take? If she thinks she knows more about how the organization should be run than does the church's approved leadership, perhaps she should start her own. Mainstream Mormonism has many offshoots. One more won't make much difference.

M. Scott Haycock

Washington, Utah

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