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"The essence of religion is what you 'believe,' so it's impossible for anyone else to remove you from your religion. You never 'belonged' to the religion; the religion belongs to you."

— Daniel Johnson

commenting on the June 17 State of the Debate blog entry, "This week's vocabulary word: 'Excommunication' ..."

"Based on previous experiences, the state is spending taxpayer funds procured from productive useful people of society to accommodate a society and group of people that have no structure or order, but require increased police presence. Sounds like a shady group of people."

— Capsaicin

"You can't honestly believe that these tree-loving pacifists are more of a drain on our resources than the state Legislature. Now there's a shady bunch of people."

— kevin.XIII

commenting on the above comment

"So the Bluffdale City Council thinks they're qualified to decide which records are matters of national security? That's just laughable."

— RomeoDriver

commenting on the June 18 article, "Bluffdale ditches state records panel after NSA spy center dust-up"

"Just Utah politicians & bureaucrats trying to find another way to fleece taxpayers to benefit their private business 'donors.' Crooks."

— SkierJim7

commenting on the June 16 Tribune editorial, "A $2 billion boondoggle for fossil fuel"

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