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OK, enough with the 4-year-old antics, the "she said/he said," and the "we will hold you hostage since we own the parking lot."

It is far past the time that Park City Mountain Resort and Talisker come to a least an interim agreement with an eye toward a final and lasting solution. Certainly each corporate entity has their points and reasons for the standoff. And I am absolutely certain I am not privy to all the minute details that cause/caused this.

However, there are bigger things in play for all citizens of Utah. One of our premier resorts is in jeopardy of not opening, meaning a loss of both tourist dollars and tax revenue. Unfortunately, it is not due to lack of snow. It is due to egos, pure and simple. Settle this for both the near and long term.

This kind of behavior is only accepted in Washington, D.C. So if you folks want to continue to make monkeys out of yourselves, why don't you run for federal office and get out of Utah?

Kent C. Overly


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