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In a 1995 interview for "60 Minutes," reporter Mike Wallace said: "There are those who say: 'This is a gerontocracy. . .this is a church run by old men."

Hinckley: "Isn't it wonderful to have a man of maturity at the head? A man who isn't blown about by every wind of doctrine?"

Wallace: "Absolutely, as long as he's not dotty."

Hinckley: "Thank you for the compliment."

After Apostle Russell M. Nelson gave a laudatory speech about Hinckley at LDS General Conference in 1997, Hinckley returned to the podium and quipped, "I thought we were conducting General Conference. It's turned out to be a funeral."

Hinckley continued: "He's taken extreme liberty. I challenge him to a duel down in the basement of the tabernacle after this session."

At the end of the session, Hinckley apparently thought better of the idea.

"I've repented," he said. "Thank you for your kind words. We'll postpone the duel."

"I am an old man given to meditation and prayer. I would enjoy sitting in a rocker, swallowing prescriptions, listening to soft music, and contemplating the things of the universe. But such activity offers no challenge and makes no contribution.

"I wish to be up and doing. I wish to face each day with resolution and purpose. I wish to use every waking hour to give encouragement to bless those whose burdens are heavy, to build faith and strength of testimony. If in the process I should die on some distant strand while speaking to my friends in the church, it would be better than if I were to spend my days, looking out languidly upon the world without purpose or design." April 5, 1997

When Hinckley was speaking at the National Press Club on March 8, 2000, an audience member wanted to know whether whether God had forgotten about BYU football.

"That comes from an alumnus," Hinckley said. "I don't know. I hope not. . .I like to see a winner - I will say that."

Interview with Larry King on CNN Dec. 26, 2004, KING: What do you do with temptation? What do you do with it? HINCKLEY: Set it aside. Put it behind. Leave it there. KING: And you've been able to do that all your life. HINCKLEY: I tried to, yes. KING: Were you ever, as a youngster, did you ever stray? HINCKLEY: Oh, I was a natural boy growing up, of course I was. Just a freckled-faced kid. Sure. KING: I'll bet you were. HINCKLEY: Sure. KING: I'll bet you had a little rascal in you. HINCKLEY: Sure I did. KING: OK. It's good to know ...

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