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Posted: 4:39 PM- WASHINGTON -- A typical campaign kickoff doesn't resemble an "X Files" convention. Nor is there usually discussion of UFOs crisscrossing the night sky or of government programs to conceal extraterrestrial technology.

And most politicians yearning for office avoid banners proclaiming, "It's not about the lights in the sky, but about the lies on the ground."

Joseph Buchman, however, announced his candidacy for the 1st Congressional District of Utah under that banner, and his official announcement was book ended by talk of the news media ignoring signs of extraterrestrial visits and the military's blockade of information about outer space visitors.

"I don't mind being seen as a wacko because to me, the world looks completely wacked," said Buchman, the Libertarian nominee for the seat of Republican Rep. Rob Bishop. Buchman wore a black tie covered in planets and stars and galaxies to the news conference at the National Press Club in Washington.

It may not be the most politically expedient place to launch a congressional bid for a Utahn, but the Park City resident pressed on. He called on Congress to revoke any secrecy oaths the government has forced on military personnel or private contractors so they can talk openly about what they've seen with regard to extraterrestrial activity.

And he wants Congress to hold open hearings on the subject matter.

Many of the speakers at the news conference agreed with Buchman.

And they also agreed that the mass media was ignoring the signs of extraterrestrial life and that the feds were keeping all the details hidden deep in a dark basement. A place "where Mulder and Scully would have to go with their little pen lights," added host Stephen Bassett, a one-time congressional candidate in Maryland, referencing the X Files stars.

Buchman adds there are other things in his platform for Congress as well; He is not solely running on the UFO-conspiracy phenomenon. Buchman calls himself a lifelong Libertarian who has supported the party for more than a quarter century.

"I'm the Ron Paul of Utah congressional politics," Buchman says, referring to the ex-presidential candidate and Texas congressman.

But even Paul didn't venture into the realm of extraterrestrial discussions during his campaign. Buchman is racking up a bit of a reputation as the ET candidate. A recent Park Record story about his candidacy carried the headline, "Immigration, Taxes and Little Green Men."

Buchman couldn't have been happier. "I absolutely loved it," he said.

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