Utah doctor gets 6 days in jail for sexual battery
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LOGAN - Family members, neighbors, patients and friends vouched for the good character of Raymond Bedell, 48, urging Logan 1st District Judge Thomas Willmore to hand down a lenient sentence Wednesday.

Willmore replaced recently retired Judge Gordon Low in the sexual abuse case that has gone on for several years. In two jury trials, the Cache County pain doctor was found innocent of three second-degree felony counts of forcible sex abuse, but Bedell was convicted in March 2007 of a Class A misdemeanor sexual battery.

The first testimony Wednesday was offered by Bedell, who now sees patients with a female chaperone. Bedell told the judge he has never touched a patient inappropriately and he has never offered prescription drugs for sexual favors.

"I'm damaged permanently. I'll never be able to undo this. My career is destroyed," he said. "I'm still maintaining my innocence."

The last testimony Wednesday came from the victim, who said the terrible event has harmed her family and brought her addictions to public light. She told Willmore that Bedell had an erection while he performed an unwanted breast exam in October 2003.

Patient Amy Sparks said a jail sentence for Bedell would be devastating for his patients.

"If his patients aren't able to get their medications, there is the possibility that some of them are going to commit suicide," Sparks said.

Cache County assistant attorney Bruce Ward recommended jail for 30 continuous days or 60 days with work release, in addition to 10 years of probation. Ward cited allegations of sexual abuse against Bedell from 1994 at Michigan State to 1996 in Bingham County, Idaho, and to instances in Brigham City and Logan. Willmore sentenced Bedell to 365 days in jail, but he suspended 359 days. Bedell will serve three weekends in the Cache County jail and complete three years of probation.

"You need to see the inside of a jail," Willmore said, adding that Bedell has no other criminal record. Willmore said he considered Bedell's stable family life, his "very good" record as a member of society and the impact of his professional services, as well as the fact that Bedell has no drug addictions.

Bedell was ordered to serve 120 hours of community service and pay a $2,000 fine. He was ordered pay for his probation services, court-ordered counseling and psychosexual evaluation.