Ask the Expert: Let's make a deal for the Jazz

This is an archived article that was published on in 2009, and information in the article may be outdated. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted.

After reading articles about various rumors, I'm wondering what you think about any of these possible trades or player moves:

1. Trade Carlos Boozer and Ronnie Brewer to Chicago for Ben Gordon.

2. Acquire Chris Bosh from Toronto for Boozer and Kosta Koufos.

3. Trade Andrei Kirilenko, Boozer and a second-round draft pick to Chicago for Luol Deng, Tyrus Thomas, Jerome James and Tim Thomas.

4. Trade Boozer to Detroit for Aaron Afflalo and the No. 15 pick. The Jazz would save over $10 million, add a perimeter defender and get a first-round pick. This is better than losing Boozer for nothing.

5. Trade Boozer to Detroit for Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Price.

6. Trade Andrei Kirilenko and this year's first-round pick to Golden State for Corey Maggette and Rony Turiaf.

7. Trade Matt Harpring, C.J. Miles and the No. 20 pick in this year's draft to Charlotte for Gerald Wallace.

8. Trade Boozer and Kyrylo Fesenko to New York for David Lee.

9. Trade Andrei Kirilenko and Matt Harpring for Tracy McGrady and Joey Dorsey. The Rockets would then cut Harpring and the Jazz could re-sign him 30 days later for less money.

10 . The Jazz trade Boozer and Miles to Phoenix for Amare Stoudemore.

11. The Jazz trade Kirilenko to the Suns for Stoudemire.

12. The Jazz trade Kirilenko to Golden State for Jamal Crawford and change. The salaries work and Don Nelson loves Kirilenko.

13. Trade Kirilenko to a team burdened with a large, expiring, unwanted contract like Cleveland's Ben Wallace.

14. Trade Boozer to the Lakers for Lamar Odom.

15. Sign Atlanta's Zaza Pachulia or Detroit's Rasheed Wallace.

-- Lisa E.

Wow, Lisa has been spending a lot of time on the Internet. But here goes, with condensed answers to 15 questions:

1. The Jazz would be trading two starters, including a power forward, for the Bulls' sixth man, who is a small shooting guard. Besides, if Utah targets any player on the Bulls roster, it would likely be Kirk Hinrich, a combo guard who would be a perfect complement to Deron Williams, or Luol Deng, who could provide Brewer-like athleticism to the rotation but bring along a consistent jump shot.

2. This trade is one the Jazz would likely consider. Bosh is a natural replacement for Boozer, plus he adds length and shot-blocking. Jazz coach Jerry Sloan likes Koufos' work ethic and potential but, you're correct in suggesting that Boozer's injury problems would likely prevent a one-for-one deal. Toronto would likely want more. On the other hand, Bosh can opt-out of his contract after next season. The Jazz would almost certainly have to get a commitment from him beyond 2009-10 to make this trade.

3. The Bulls would jump at this deal, which means the Jazz shouldn't consider it.

4. It might take Joe Dumars five seconds to think this over and pull the trigger. Afflalo is not a good perimeter shooter or defender. As one scout told me during the year, "What exactly does Aaron Afflalo do for a team?" So, in essence, the Jazz would be trading Boozer for the 15th pick in a draft considered to be one of the weakest in a long time. No deal.

5. This trade makes some sense, especially if the Jazz are convinced Boozer's long-term plan is to walk away. Hamilton is a proven scorer who can get to the free-throw line. Prince is an all-around player who knows how to win. I think his skills mirror Kirilenko quite a bit, so playing them together might be a problem. Also, this is a deal that would make the Jazz smaller, unless Koufos is ready to step into the rotation. But it's one possible deal out there that isn't far-fetched.

6. If the Jazz sign Boozer, Memo Okur and Kyle Korver to contract extensions this summer, they would probably try to unload Kirilenko, whose game has plateaued since he got his big contract. I also think the Jazz will be more than willing to use the No. 20 pick in this draft as trade bait. So this trade makes sense to me. The Jazz signed Maggette to an offer sheet a few years ago, but they didn't get him. He's older now, but could provide off-the-bench scoring that Kirilenko does not. As far as Turiaf is concerned, I'm not a fan. But if another contract is needed, the Jazz might take him and add some size.

7. I can't believe Charlotte would trade Wallace, even though he has been injury-prone, without getting more in return. Again, the No. 20 pick is not going to yield a quality player, unless a team gets extremely lucky.

8. Haven't you heard? Isiah Thomas is no longer calling the shots in New York. Otherwise, the Knicks might be willing to trade Lee for Boozer and Fesenko. Seriously, I think Lee is an outstanding player who would be a perfect fit in Utah. If the Jazz could pry him away from New York, they should do it. Like every possible deal involving Boozer, however, his contract situation is tricky. That's especially true for a trade involving New York, which certainly doesn't want to add a long-term contract because it wants to make a big splash (LeBron James) during free agency in 2010. A side note: I've been told that Lee came to Utah for his predraft workout in 2005 in better shape than any other prospect -- before or since. If Kevin O'Connor had not been able to work the trade for Deron Williams and the Jazz had kept the 27th pick in that draft, they might have used it on Lee, who went 30th to the Knicks.

9. McGrady? Seriously? If so, no, I would not make that trade. If you're joking, I get it.

10. Sure, but I'm thinking the Suns would want much more for Stoudemire, even though he's coming off a serious eye injury.

11. If the Suns agreed to Stoudemire for Kirilenko, GM Steve Kerr would have to sneak out of town with the NHL's bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes.

12. Unlike Boozer, who despite what Jazz fans think remains a player with hard-to-find skills, I think the Jazz would at least consider any reasonable offer for Kirilenko and his big contract. If Golden State offered Crawford (and change), Utah might jump at the chance to get add an outstanding shooter and unload Kirilenko.

13. I think this scenario is far more likely than getting any player of value for Kirilenko. If the Jazz think it's time to part ways with him, they will probably have to take a large, expiring contract of a player who might not contribute much, like Wallace. Since leaving Chicago, he's aged in dog years, which makes him about 62.

14. Odom isn't as good against every team as he has been against the defenseless Jazz in the last two years in the playoffs. Still, he is extremely skilled and he plays hard. I'd consider it, if I was Utah.

15. I've never been a big fan of Pachulia, so I'd look elsewhere if I were the Jazz. As far as Wallace is concerned, he's been one of my least favorite players in 23 years of covering the NBA, but my distaste for his constant lack of professionalism culminated Feb. 2, 2002. During the Jazz's 97-96 win over Portland at the Delta Center, Wallace ran up the aisle next to the press table after chasing a loose ball that went out of bounds. He was upset about something -- as usual -- and took a swing at the TV monitor that was sitting in front of me as he returned to the court. Wallace ruined the monitor, which I was told the Trail Blazers ended up replacing. His fist also grazed the side of my head, knocked my glasses sideways, bent the frames, bruised my eyebrow and came within two inches of sending me to that Great Press Room in the Sky. So I can say with some degree of satisfaction that, at this point, the 34-year-old Wallace has lost most of his skills and will be lucky to play another year in the NBA. Wallace certainly won't get the $8 million a year he wants to keep from retiring -- at least from any team that has been paying attention.