Where are they now? Utah Gymnasts of the past

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Sonja Ahone (1986-89) - Owns a mortgage company in Boise, Idaho

Elaine Alfano (1982-85) - Fitness and gymnastics choreographer in Greenwich, Conn.

Kim Allan (2000-03) - Lives in Salt Lake City

Shannon Bowles (1998-02) -Graduate student in nutritional biochemistry at Tufts University

Julie Brooks (1975-77) - Works for Brady Group, a dental practice management company in Colorado Springs

Jean Bunk (1977)

Christa Canary (1981-82) - Full-time mom in Herndon, Va.

Megan Caudle (1993-96) -Dentist working in Portland, Ore.

Debbie Chernich (1976-78) - Teacher in Golden, Colo.

Shannon Coleman (1979-82)

Barbara Cornell (1978-80) - Teacher in Jupiter, Fla.

Betsy Cottrill (1981) - Clerk in third district court in Salt Lake City

Kelley Delaney (1994-97) - Works with Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Columbus, Ohio

Jenny Donaldson (1991-92) - Works at University of Utah medical center

Diana Downs (1978-79) - Professor of bacteriology at University of Wisconsin

Diane Dunbar (1978-79) - Works for PeopleSoft in Pleasanton, Calif.

Marilyn Ekdahl (1998)

Michelle Elbogen (1990) - Pediatric hospitalist at Primary Children's Hospital

Diane Ellingson (1978-81) - Motivational speaker living in Salt Lake City

Linda Elstun-Wood (1987)

Alysa Frenz (1993-96) - Technical support assistant for Parametric Technology Corp. in Salt Lake City

Deidra Graham (1999-2002) - Representative for Department of Veterans Affairs in Salt Lake City

Margaret Hammond (1976) - Full-time mother who lives in Salt Lake City

Mary Hammond (1976)

Sandy Hancock (1977) - Owner of Power Tumbling, lives in Annabella, Utah

Celeste Harrington (1982-85) - Nurse at Primary Children's Hospital

Tina Hermann (1984-87) - Therapist at Palm Beach Institute of Sports Medicine in Fla.

Michelle Hilse (1987-88) - VP of credit management for Swiss RE in Morris Township, N.J.

Eileen Huck (1978-81) - Owns medical transcription business in Miami

Julie Johnson (1979-80) - Graphics artist in Incline Village,


Denise Jones (1997-2000) - Full-time mother, lives in Folsom, Calif.

Linda Kardos (1981-84) - Retired marketing/communications director in Brentwood, Tenn.

Amy Keller (1990-91) - Teaches yoga and Pilates in Salt Lake City

Donna Kemp (1980)

Kristen Kenoyer (1990-93) - Full-time mother in Eagle, Colo.

Ashley Kever (1997-2000) - Attorney for Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in Austin, Texas

Meredith King (1991-94) - Gymnastics coach in Sun City,


Theresa Kulikowski (1999-2003) - Works at physical therapy clinic in Colorado Springs

Tacia LaBatte (2001)

Veronique Leclerc (2001-04) - Finishing degree in anthropology/exercise and sport science

Lynne Lederer (1985-88) - Works for US Airways, lives in Mesa, Ariz.

Angie Leonard (1996-99) - Designer at KB Home Studio in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Missy Marlowe (1989-92) - Works at Gymnastics Training Center of Utah

Patti Massoels (1988-89) - Nurse in Hebron, Ind.

Emily May (1980-82) - Wellness consultant in Dallas

Megan McCunniff (1981-84) - Utah's associate head coach, married to Greg Marsden

Lisa McVay (1985-86) - IBM Programmer in Annapolis, Md.

Annie Medcalf (2001-02) - Graduated in December, lives in Stowe, Ohio

Jennifer Mercier (1993-96) - Technician at Wake Forest School of Medicine

Suzanne Metz (1992-95) - Coach at Kips Gymnastics in Corona, Calif.

Cheryl Milgrom (1983-84) - Coordinator at California Network of Mental Health Clients in Junction City, Calif.

Cathy Miller (1977)

Lisa Mitzel (1983-86) - Writes children's literature, lives in Menlo Park, Calif.

Kris Moulder (1987) - Coach at Jets Gymnastics in Voorhees, N.J.

Molly Northrop (1996-99) - Occupational therapist for Rosemount School District in Plymouth, Minn.

Sarah Northrop (1996-99) -Works for Pace Analytical in Plymouth, Minn.

Caralee Noovak (1985-87) - Nurse at Primary Children's


Cathy Olsen (1979-80)

Cindy Paul (1982-84) - Analyst for Intermountain Health


Kristi Pinnick (1988-90) - Full-time mother in Phoenix

Hilarie Portell (1986-89) - Director of public relations for Lowry Redevelopment Authority in Denver

Rachael Ratey (1976-77)

Summer Reid (1996-97) - Gymnastics coach in Idaho Falls

Tracy Richard (1990-93) - Teacher in Easton, Pa.

Tory Rubinstein (1979-80)

Leah Sabo (2000-01)

Shelly Schaerrer (1989-92) - Associate head coach for Arizona State gymnastics

Angelika Schatton (1997-2000) - Full-time mother in Salt Lake City

Jenny Schmidt (1997-2000) - Works in orthodontist office in Los Angeles

Carol Schuberg (1977-78)

Monica Shaw (1995) - Account manager for Telpro, Inc., in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Wendy Shelley (1989) - Full-time mother in South Jordan

Denise Smith (1987) - Resident physician in dermatology at University of Cincinnati

Jessica Smith (1988-91) - Biomechanical engineer for MRA Forensic Sciences in Salt Lake City

Sandy Sobotka (1984-87) - Accountant/tax consultant in Darien, Ill.

Traci Sommer (1995-98) - Consultant for Aspire Performance in Morristown, N.J.

Sue Stednitz (1982-83)

Jill Stuart (1987-88) - Full-time mother in Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich.

Shondell Swenson (1976) - Owns marriage and family therapy practice in Farmington

Kris Takahashi (1987-90) - Full-time mother in Salt Lake City

Lindsay Tanner (1999-2002) - In medical school at University of Utah

Kim Taylor (1984-87) - Coaches at Hunt's Gymnastics, lives in Draper

Aimee Trepanier (1992-95) - Full-time mother in Park City

Nicole Trewitt (1987) - VP of human resources for Nicholas and Co., in Salt Lake City

Andra Turner (1980-82) - Homemaker in Placentia, Calif.

Melissa Vituj (2001-04) - Completing degree in health promotion and education

Kylee Wagner (1999-2003) - Pursuing nursing degree, works at LDS hospital

Julie Ware (1977-79) - Owns Designs by Julie, lives in


Cheryl Weatherstone (1985-88) - Physical therapist at St. Mark's Hospital

Missy Wells (1991-94) - Associate AD at Weber State

Wendy Whiting (1982-86)

Theresa Wolf (1998-2001) - In University of Toronto's exercise physiology program

Kelli Wolsey (1992-94)

Sandy Woolsey (1993-96) - Coaches gymnastics at Apex-Allstar gymnastics in Lakewood, Colo.