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North Central

Teams: Utah, Oregon State, Brigham Young, Minnesota, Southern Utah, Iowa

What will happen: Utah has won five straight region titles, and will win No. 6 tonight. BYU will have the crowd behind it, but Oregon State, which came close to upsetting UCLA at the Pac-10 championships before it had two falls on floor, should take second to earn its first trip to the NCAA championships since 2002.


Teams: UCLA, Penn State, Central Michigan, Washington, Stanford, Boise State.

What will happen: Defending champ UCLA has been inconsistent this year, but the Bruins have enough talent even on a bad night to win this region. The battle for second will be close between Penn State, Central Michigan and the home team, Washington. Penn State should advance, but doesn't have much room for error.

South Central

Teams: Nebraska, Michigan, Arizona, Missouri, Arizona State, Illinois.

What will happen: The Huskers have slipped in the rankings to sixth, but should have no trouble winning on their own floor. Michigan, led by uneven bars defending champ Elise Ray, will breeze into the national championships too.


Teams: Alabama, Iowa State, Utah State, Auburn, Kentucky, Kent State.

What will happen: This is the most interesting region. The Tide will win easily, but second place is up for grabs between Iowa State, Utah State and Auburn. If the Tigers were in any other region, they wouldn't have a chance, but judges are still influenced by home crowds.


Teams: LSU, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Hampshire, Rutgers, Pittsburgh.

What will happen: In years past, the Tigers have been notorious for starting the year strong, then fading at the end; that hasn't happened this year, with the Tigers holding a ranking of No. 3. New Hampshire is host, but it will be Oklahoma which advances along with the Tigers.

Teams: Georgia, Florida, Denver, North Carolina, West Virginia, N.C. State.

What will happen: This is another easy one. The turning point of Georgia's season was its win over Utah. The Gym Dogs won the SEC title and will advance. The Gators, who are hosts, have been one of the top teams all year and, like Georgia, will make the relatively short trip over to Auburn.