It's not just Tebow time on SNL skit

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I don't suppose a lot of BYU fans are Saturday Night Live viewers, but I do reckon that a lot of them will be interested in this SNL skit from last night in which Jesus Christ visits the Denver Broncos locker room and quarterback Tim Tebow. It is about four minutes long, but the last 10 seconds will surprise you. Trust me. ——————————- Here are a few links to our coverage of the BYU-Baylor basketball game yesterday: * My game story focusing on how another scoring drought doomed the Cougars is here. * Columnist Kurt Kragthorpe's take on the debut of point guard Matt Carlino is here. * And here's a sidebar that didn't make the newspaper on those last few seconds and how Brandon Davies found the ball in his hands with the game on the line. Davies had a nice game with 18 points and 13 rebounds, but as Kragthorpe notes, he didn't do much in the second half, and he was 6 of 15 from the field. He was 6 of 9 from the free-throw line after making his first six. The Cougars were just 12 of 20 from the free-throw line, another reason why they came up just short against the No. 6 team in the country. "It is hard to describe [the atmosphere of the game]," Davies said. "You can kind of compare it a little bit to last year, some of the teams we had coming in here. But Baylor is a great team. We were ready for them. We played our best. The atmosphere was great, the crowd was great. Unfortunately we came up short tonight." More from BYU's big man after the 86-83 loss:On how BYU stacked up: "They have a lot of great players on their team. They have a lot of great players coming off their bench as well. You know, I think we can play with anyone. We kind of set the tone of that tonight. We have some great bigs as well. Give them a lot of credit. They earned it. They played well. They have some great talent on their team, and a lot of that showed tonight."On winning the rebounding battle: "That was one of the main keys, going into this game, was beating them on the glass. I thought we did a pretty good job on that, but we just tried to be out there and be physical on the glass, and get all the rebounds that we could, because they are a great rebounding team. So that was part of the game plan, just getting more into the game than them, and being more physical than they were." On Matt Carlino's debut: "He played great. He kinda showed how he is going to be playing the rest of the year. You know, he's a great player, he works his tail off every day in practice. We know how he plays and I am just glad he finally doesn't have to watch, and can be in a uniform with us on the court." On how different it is to have a shoot-first point guard: "We are deep in the point guard spot. We are deep in all the guard spots, and it is nice to have a little different feel, depending on how the game is going. And depending on how the flow of things are going. We have great players that have different strengths, and they come in and show their strengths, and it does nothing but help the team."On having the No. 6 team in country on the ropes: "We did have them [on the ropes]. They are a great team, and I think we kinda showed that we can play with anyone. You know, we made some mistakes here and there, but so did they. It was just a battle out there, and they came out on top."