Liljenquist wins praise for term-limits stance

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It may have been easy for Dan Liljenquist to do, since he's running against Sen. Orrin Hatch, who has been in office for 36 years — and seeks to be there for 42.But a national term-limits group is praising Liljenquist for signing a pledge to cosponsor a constitutional amendment that would limit senators to two, six-year terms, and U.S. House members to three two-year terms."Dan Liljenquist is leading the way for other candidates for Congress by being an early signer of the term limits pledge," said U.S. Term Limits President Philip Blumel. "Our career politicians have let the people down. It is time to limit their terms and return control of our nation to people who have actually had to create a job, earn an honest paycheck and pay a mortgage."However, an error in U.S. Term Limits' press release may leave some wondering how much it knows about Liljenquist. Its headline referred to him as a "California U.S. Senate candidate," not a Utah candidate.— Lee Davidson