Alternative to Olympics has naked ambition

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Want the Olympic experience, but can't afford a trip to London?

The American Association for Nude Recreation would have you remember that Olympic athletes used to compete naked. The AANR would then attempt to convince you that you could "feel as the ancient athletes did" by booking a "Nakation" for the entire family at one of its member resorts, "where sports competition thrives," according to an AANR news release.

The events taking place at AANR resorts are nearly as varied as the Olympic program, ranging from badminton to bocce ball, hiking to horse shoes.

"AANR members know that the time families spend together at member clubs, resorts and sanctioned nudist beaches is vital to building grounded young adults and the leaders of tomorrow," the release said.

That may sound like a stretch, but they back up their claim by noting "President John Quincy Adams … regularly bathed and swam nude in the Potomac River."

A U.S. president regularly bathed nude? Really? What a compelling argument. Your hat should be off to these guys. Even if your pants aren't.