Prep girls soccer: Skyline leans on speedy duo for spark

Prep girls soccer • Skyline relies on the duo to create chances.
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Defenders struggle to tell the difference between Ashley Aberton and Jaslyn Masina.

That is, if the defenders can keep up with the Skyline duo.

Aberton, a senior, took under her wing Masina, a sophomore, and the pair uses remarkable footwork to play soccer at a subsonic pace.

"These girls work together real good," Skyline coach Yamil Castillo said. "They make the defense look twice to see where they're at. Nobody can keep up with them."

Masina's emergence has provided another scoring threat for the Eagles, who lost to Timpanogos in the 4A state title game last year.

Aberton was Skyline's top scorer with 19 goals last season. The Gonzaga recruit is undersized at 5-foot-4, but her speed makes up for her lack of height. She has a knack for getting open and taking smart shots. Scouting reports would focus on Aberton if it weren't for the ascension of Masina.

"Jas opens the field up for me and the rest of the team," Aberton said. "Our play is so similar that we're able to confuse other teams."

Masina scored five goals last season, and the first came off an assist from Aberton. Their ability to combine speed with excellent communication has allowed Aberton to exploit opportunities and freed up Masina to play pressure-free.

"It's fun to play with somebody who is as fast as Ashley," Masina said. "I know the more fun that I am having, the better that I play."

Aberton's and Masina's speed disrupts the opposition's defense and forces opponents to double team the Skyline teammates. That defensive maneuver opens up scoring opportunities for the rest of the Eagles.

Last year's setback in the state championship game provided motivation for this year's team, and Aberton is eager to help instill a tradition of hard work and excellence during her final season.

"We've been entrusted with a special team, and it is important to pass this along to the next generation," she said. "We do this every time we take the field." —


Ashley Aberton has committed to Gonzaga. She will study business in an effort to attend law school.

The Skyline girls soccer team volunteers at Hser Ner Moo Community & Welcome Center, where it tutors and donates school supplies and athletic equipment.

Jaslyn Masina has scored six goals this season.