Rich District superintendent honored with award

Education • Dale Lamborn named sup of the year.
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The superintendent of the Rich County School District has been named 2013 Utah Superintendent of the Year.

Dale Howard Lamborn has served as head of the district's schools since 2005. As superintendent, he oversees four rural schools with more than 400 students, many of whom travel 30 minutes to an hour to get to and from school each day, according to the Utah School Superintendents Association (USSA), which honored him with the award this week.

According to the association, most Rich seniors take college-level courses through distance learning programs before graduating from high school. Lamborn is also known for implementing a four-day school week in Rich to avoid having to pull students and teachers out of class to accommodate travel time to and from extracurricular activities. Instead, students now have longer school days and then use Fridays to travel to extracurricular events.

Rich also began, in 2005, mandatory drug testing for students who participate in extracurricular activities. Lamborn said, according to the association, that the main reason for the policy was to give students a reason to stay away from drugs.

Lamborn is now serving as USSA president.

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