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I'm probably going to vote for Obama, but I want a robust discussion leading up to the campaign. I am disappointed that so few pro-Romney Utah voters are writing letters to the editor in The Tribune explaining why they plan to vote for him.

I know The Tribune is perceived as liberal, but it does run letters from both sides. So, come on, conservatives, write about more than an over-the-top Bagley cartoon and why the Old Testament book of Leviticus justifies discriminating against gays. Give us your best arguments for the Republican take on the issues of the day.

There are a lot of important issues, and we need your participation in what my college professor called "the grand discussion," by which he meant being part of the broad public discussion of issues that makes our nation great.

Utah's Republicans overwhelm Democrats. It's a shame their supermajority makes them think they don't need to debate with people who think differently.

Alan "Blue" Bayer

Salt Lake City