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"So when Mitt legally lowers his tax obligations he's a wise businessman but when the poor do it they're freeloaders?"

— ChairmanMauzer

commenting on the Sept. 24 Public Forum letter, "Ship out the 47%"

"Pile, How much do you have to pay the Triberal to print these lies?"

— changingmyhope

commenting on the Sept. 23 George Pyle column, "The smart way to be selfish"

"Can we please stop referring to The Salt Lake Tribune as liberal?"

— MenaceToSociety

commenting on the Sept. 23 Tribune editorial, "Hatch for Senate: Give Utah's lion one more term"

"Republicans want a small government to make it easy for big business to cheat you."

— mach_schnell

commenting on the Sept. 25 Paul Krugman column, "Romney's optimism cure"

"If you don't have ID, just use your welfare card."

— notneedy

commenting on the Sept. 26 Tribune editorial, "Fraud fraud: Voter suppression must end"

"I thought having the scabs in was a great excuse to put down the remote, and get outside for some real exercise. I may not turn it back on. I feel so much better."


commenting on the Sept. 27 article, "NFL refs return to work tonight as deal reached to end lockout"