The CW renews Ballet West's 'Breaking Pointe'

Television • Low-rated series gets a second season with a boost from online viewing.
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After months of negotiations, The CW has ordered a second season of "Breaking Pointe," the docudrama set inside Salt Lake City's Ballet West.

The show was not exactly a hit in Season 1. It averaged fewer than a million viewers during its six-episode run from May 31 to July 5, a weak showing even for The CW network. But "Breaking Pointe" had a large online audience, and that was enough for the network to bring it back.

"BBC Worldwide [Productions] and our team did a great job putting that show together," CW President Mark Pedowitz said. "I wish it performed slightly better in the ratings, but one thing I can say is it's a digital online success."

Details on when the second season will be produced have not been announced. According to executive producer Izzie Pick Ashcroft, filming on "what is a passion project for us" is tentatively set to resume in January for airing next spring/summer.

The exact number of episodes has yet to be determined, although Ballet West artistic director Adam Sklute said he's been told it might be more than the six that made up the first season.

"What I'm excited about in our discussions for this season is that we are going to be focusing more on dancing," Sklute said.

Pick Ashcroft confirmed that.

"We want to bring in as much performance as we can," she said, "because we all felt that the performances are absolutely when we get to see these guys at their best."

Season 2 also will focus more on the diversity of the Ballet West troupe, "which I'm very proud of," Sklute said.

When it does return, fans presumably will not only get to see more dancing, but also see what happened between dancers Allison DeBona and Rex Tilton after they broke up … and then, apparently, called off the breakup.

DeBona, Tilton and the rest of the company "were really on board" for a second season, Sklute said. "This was a big group effort, and we all agreed."

Even DeBona, portrayed as the diva/villain of Season 1, signed on for Season 2 with the rest of the company.

"She was so funny," Sklute said. "She said to me, 'Adam, I've got to tell you. You owe me. Because I'm taking one for the team.' "