Coyote that attacked guard was not rabid

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A coyote that attacked a Kennecott security guard Monday was not rabid.

State health department officials tested the coyote, which was shot by police, and released the negative result on Wednesday afternoon.

The guard was in a booth at the Kennecott entrance at 10200 South and 8400 West when a coyote walked in the door and lunged at the women, said Kennecott spokesman Kyle Benett. The woman suffered several bites to her forearm and received "a few stitches," Bennett has said.

A Unified Police officer shot the coyote.

Coyote attacks are extremely rare, wildlife officials have said.

Now they are awaiting results from the necropsy, which could show other illnesses that may explain its behavior, said wildlife specialist Leslie McFarlane. Results are expected in about a week, McFarlane said.