Movie review: 'Fun Size' is no Halloween treat

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"Fun Size" is a humor-free Halloween tale, a case of PG-13 raunch butting heads with PG-rated stupidity that gives neither audience what it wants.

High-school senior Wren (played by Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice) is ordered by her partying mom (Chelsea Handler) to accompany her mute 8-year-old brother, Albert (Jackson Nicoll), trick-or-treating, which causes her to miss a chance to party with the school hunk (Thomas McDonell). When Albert disappears in a neighborhood spook house, Wren enlists her best friend, April (Jane Levy), and nerdy nice guy Roosevelt (Thomas Mann) to find the kid, who has somehow been enlisted by a convenience-store clerk (Thomas Middleditch) to revenge his broken heart.

Considering the pedigree (director Josh Schwartz created the TV series "Chuck," and screenwriter Max Werner writes for "The Colbert Report"), it's bewildering to find the movie is nothing more than a dead zone of forced jokes, unfunny sight gags and weak double-entendres. What's worse, the movie sets up a nice emotional family situation, with Wren and her family still coping with her father's recent death, only to toss it all out the window for a cheap gag just before closing credits.

The most telling sign that "Fun Size" is terrible is the fact that Johnny Knoxville appears uncredited — because when you consider the things Knoxville has put his name on (including the "Jackass" movies and a "Dukes of Hazzard" remake), that's saying something.; —


'Fun Size'

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