Romney raises nearly 13 times as much money as Obama in Davis County

Red state • Giving to Obama, Romney is close to even in western part of Salt Lake Valley. But, across all of Utah, Romney is outpacing Obama by nearly 5 to 1.
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Washington • The Davis County vote won't make or break either presidential candidate's campaign, but residents are throwing money at both candidates to help them compete in key battlegrounds.

Davis County chipped in$906,094 on behalf of the two candidates — only 7 percentof which was directed toward Democratic President Barack Obama.

Republican Mitt Romney dominates donations in Utah's third-most populous county, raising nearly $840,806 from residents there so far this election cycle to Obama's $65,288, according to Federal Election Commission reports on contributions made through the end of September.

Overall, Utah has contributed about $7.4 million to the Republican presidential nominee, far more than the $1.5 million Obama has raised from the Beehive State.

Many Davis County residents want to see Romney in the White House and Obama out of a job.

Brent Warnock, a communications professor from Weber State University, compared Obama to a coach that needs to be replaced — and his $100 Romney donation shows who he would have take his seat.

"Romney is prepared to tackle the biggest issue for me which is the economy," Warnock said. "I run small businesses and I've been very disappointed with what's happened. We need a change."

On the other hand, registered Democrat Sally Olgivie and her husband donated about $1,500 to the president's campaign, citing it as a cause they feel "very strongly" about.

"We both feel like he's doing a great job getting to the grass roots instead of having a few huge donators as the Romney campaign has done," Olgivie said. "The president has done an amazing job reaching out to the 99 percent of us."

Olgivie, a retired school teacher, said that she especially appreciates the efforts Obama has made in pushing energy resources and reforming health care.

"He brought us from the brink from a really bad recession to where we are now," she said. "And people may have forgotten where we were when he came into office. Yes, everything hasn't returned to normal yet, but we're certainly going in that direction. I think it's very foolish to change course now."

Romney has led in every single poll in Utah and dominated the Republican primary in the state, carrying 93 percent of the vote. Many Utahns share Romney's Mormon faith and residents are quite familiar with him because of his work in leading the successful 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Davis County has been historically red. Former Sen. John McCain won the county's 2008 presidential election with 72 percent of the vote.