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"Once we've voted, there should be a way to stop Mia Love and Mitt Romney from calling my house."

— Utah_101

commenting on the Oct. 26 article, "Early voting a hit with voters in Utah"

"Is it possible to out-wingnut Utah? If it is, it's got to be Arizona."

— fancher_boggs

commenting on the Oct. 30 Tribune editorial, "Arizona war: Amendment likely unconstitutional"

"Being under the influence of a religious delusion implies an inability to dispassionately examine the evidence and arrive at the truth of an issue, an important quality in a political leader."

— steveutaz

commenting on the Oct. 29 State of the Debate blog post, "Religion and politics, an exchange"

"Mr. Pyle recognizes the right to the expression of opinions, even if it means someone's expression is the cancellation of the Tribune subscription. That is heroic!"

— Graniteman31

commenting on the Oct. 28 George Pyle column, "Living in a flurry of ideas"

"You are joking about having a two-party monopoly in Utah, right? We have a one-party monopoly and with the few Democrats that do get elected here, most are basically Republicans anyway. The two-party system is an illusion. Like the Matrix.

— Interrupting_Cow

commenting on the Oct. 31 article, "Cracking the two-party monopoly an uphill battle for Utahns"

"The west is a legacy that we don't own and certainly have no right to destroy."

— Michael j bodell

commenting on the Oct. 1 Tribune editorial, "Gold in the hills: For a Utah recreation vision"

"Climate change? I've been hearing that Sandy was caused by gay people."

— Margaret Whitestone

commenting on the Oct. 31 Tribune editorial, "Climate change: Superstorm a super reminder"