Meetings to discuss Utah's big-game rule changes

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Some major changes to Utah's big-game hunts have been implemented in the past few years.

Suggested changes for the 2013 big-game hunts in Utah pale in comparison.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources will explain the following proposed regulation changes from its biologists for the 2013 seasons during the November Regional Advisory Council meetings being held across the state in the coming weeks.

The proposals:

• Guarantee people 18 years of age or younger a chance to hunt during Utah's general archery buck deer hunt.

• Change two current limited-entry units — the Fillmore/Oak Creek South unit and a portion of the Beaver unit west of Interstate 15 — to general any-bull elk units.

The full recommendations are available on the Division's website at

Public discussion at the regional meetings is shared by representatives from each meeting with the Utah Wildlife Board, which will meet to discuss the big game regulations Dec. 6.

The meetings are scheduled as follows:

• Wednesday, Northern Region, 6 p.m., Brigham City Community Center, 24. N 300 West, Brigham City.

• Thursday, Central Region, 6:30 p.m., Springville Public Library, 45 S. Main St., Springville.

• Nov. 13, Southern Region, 7 p.m., Cedar Middle School, 2215 W. Royal Hunte Drive, Cedar City.

• Nov. 14, Southeastern Region, 6:30 p.m., John Wesley Powell Museum, 1765 E. Main St., Green River.

• Nov. 15, Northeastern Region, 6 p.m., Bingham Entrepreneurship and Energy, 320 N. Aggie Blvd., Vernal.

Public comments can also be shared with council members through email. The appropriate email addresses can be found at