Review: Stale 'Halo 4' story saved by eye-popping graphics

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Grade • B+

Video Game • Before "Call of Duty," there was "Halo," then the most-played first-person shooter on the planet. It caused addicted players to call in sick so they could sink themselves into the science fiction world of Master Chief and his galactic battles. Now, the iconic franchise is back with "Halo 4" for the Xbox 360 with a more polished sequel in the continuing saga of the space soldier.

The convoluted story involves Master Chief trying to save his holographic virtual assistant named Cortana while fighting off enemy forces known as The Covenant and the Prometheans. Emotionally empty and confusing, the story merely serves as thin connecting tissue for all of the spectacular battles.

The crisp game play is still there, but the biggest improvement is the game's polished and detailed graphics. Always lagging behind better-looking games like "Gears of War," "Halo" finally makes the jump to an eye-popping tour de force of graphics and sound.

You may not get involved in the story, but you'll certainly stay for the graphics and multiplayer fun. —

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