Pierce: Be thankful for TV — even 'Gossip Girl'

This is an archived article that was published on sltrib.com in 2012, and information in the article may be outdated. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted.

It's that time of year when we count our blessings and give thanks. Even if we're TV critics. Because television gives us a lot of things to be thankful for. Like:

• I'm thankful that there are only four more episodes of "Gossip Girl," so I can finally stop watching that terrible show. Which I've been watching for 117 episodes. (Idiot!)

• I'm thankful that ESPN can sell so many commercials to insert into Brigham Young University and University of Utah football games. I'm more thankful when I'm watching on TV than when I'm actually at the games waiting for those commercials to finally end.

• I'm thankful for TV's pleasant surprises. Like "Elementary." And "The Mindy Project." And "Arrow." Among others.

• I'm thankful there are some new characters on "Grey's Anatomy," because I dislike almost all the old characters.

• I'm thankful to all the Utahns who go on reality shows and give me something to write about. I'm even more thankful when they go on shows I like.

• I'm thankful that "Partners" was canceled, because you shouldn't profit if you've ripped off someone else's sitcom.

• I'm thankful the elections are over, because I never want to see Jim Matheson or Mia Love on TV again.

• I'm thankful Utah State is going into the Mountain West next year because — believe it or not — we'll see more of the Aggies' football games on TV. Although I am grateful I could watch USU-Louisiana Tech online.

• I'm thankful that KSL has that fancy new set for its newscasts, because it distracts me from the lame happy talk among the anchors, sportscasters and weathercasters. I'm thankful I only heard them joking about the DCFS taking away their children one time.

• I'm thankful Season 2 of "American Horror Story" has nothing to do with Season 1, because Season 2 isn't good.

• I'm thankful there are a dozen shows I like to watch that currently air on Sunday nights. I'm even more grateful I have two DVRs.

• I'm thankful for any TV show that makes me laugh — from "Big Bang Theory" to "Modern Family" and everything in between. Because we all need to laugh.

• I'm thankful there are so many things I can watch and enjoy with my son and daughters — sports, news, comedies, drama, reality shows and even the occasional cartoon.

• I'm thankful "Dallas" came back and caught the spirit of the original. And that Season 2 (or is that Season 16?) starts in January.

• I'm thankful there's no such thing as "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City." Yet. (Yikes. Scared myself there.)

• And I'm incredibly thankful The Salt Lake Tribune allows me to cover television and write columns like this.

Scott D. Pierce covers television for The Salt Lake Tribune. Email him at spierce@sltrib.com; follow him on Twitter @ScottDPierce.