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"Well, all I know is that I live in Salt Lake City next to the U. and I am in the same congressional district as my son and daughter-in-law who live in Zion National Park. Somehow, that just doesn't seem right."

— gfitzger

commenting on the Nov. 16 article, "After long fight, Legislature releases redistricting documents"

"Perhaps this paper should change its name to the Chicken Little Gazette. "

— the_legal_eagle

commenting on the Nov. 19 Tribune editorial, "Here comes chaos: Move on climate change — now"

"So Rich is peeved because Obama doesn't wear his religion on his sleeve. Boo-hoo. What's funny is, if Obama were really a Muslim, he'd be praising God in every other sentence."

— utecougar

commenting on the Nov. 21 Rich Lowry column, "Why no God in Thanksgiving?"

"The stink of greed fills the air and the cheapskates can't wait to save pennies and the X-mas junkies are starting to wet themselves. Gawd I hate the holidays."

— Dr_Thompson

commenting on the Nov. 22 Pat Bagley cartoon, "Christmas Comes Early"

"I simply don't believe that taking 30-40% of a person's income is "coddling." Just because you have taken more in the past and just because you can try to take more does not make it the ethical choice."

— NankerPhelge7

commenting on the Nov. 19 Paul Krugman column, "Prosperity without coddling the rich"

"Where Huntsman went wrong is that he can articulate an idea without waving a Bible and only speaking to mass groups of escaped mental patients dressed like George Washington screaming about birth certificates, taxes, and socialism.

— longliveechs

commenting on the Nov. 20 article, "Obama's campaign manager: Huntsman was biggest threat"