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"Funny how 50 million bison and native Americans could coexist for twenty thousand years and a bunch of god-fearing Euro white men could wipe it out in eighty years."

— Ratm435

commenting on the Nov. 25 Tribune editorial, "The Dust Bowl: Denial promises another disaster"

"I'm so glad to see this man's name (Jon Huntsman) in the news again. I would have loved to have the chance to vote for him for president."

— Tysic Cummings

commenting on the Nov. 27 article, "Huntsman to join bipartisan group No Labels"

"I wrote him in."

— Nungwa

commenting on the above comment

"So did we"

— Utah_101

commenting on the above comment

"Australia fines non-voters. Afghans are willing to die for a purple stained finger. Americans could learn from the examples of other democracies."

— elijah2

commenting on the Nov. 27 State of the Debate blog post, "How we vote. Or don't ..."

"One thing I do agree with is that Norquist is not the bogeyman. He is just another well-paid lobbyist and waterboy for the wealthy. Anyone who signed that pledge, however, should be subject to a horsewhipping."

— thirtyeightyears

commenting on the Nov. 28 Rich Lowry column, "Don't blame Grover"

"I think there's about an equal chance of this happening in a hot-dog eating contest. Oh, well, this is more interesting at least."

— Wiley E. Coyoté

commenting on the Nov. 26 AP/ article, "Autopsy: Florida man choked to death in roach-eating contest"