Pop Top review: Raunchy, funny 'Ted' mixes pot and potty-mouthed dialogue

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Grade • B+

DVD • Stoners, your movie is here, in a form you can watch at home with the mind-altering substance of your choice. That's "Ted," Seth MacFarlane's debut as a movie director, but not far removed from his "Family Guy" wheelhouse of raunchy humor, pot-smoking references and pop-culture jokes.

Starting with a magical Christmas when a little boy wishes his teddy bear come to life, the story picks up with the little boy as 35-year-old adolescent John (Mark Wahlberg), and the bear, Ted (voiced by MacFarlane), a still-alive drinking buddy.

Ted is also a celebrity washout, with a mouth that delivers a steady stream of invective that leaves no group unoffended. (He's also well-connected, knowing both Norah Jones and "Flash Gordon" star Sam J. Jones.)

Fans of MacFarlane's brand of humor will enjoy it thoroughly, whether in the unrated DVD version or the R-rated theatrical cut. —

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