Shaq can fight camera man, UFC president jokes

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The Big Rear Naked Choke? Don't count on it.

UFC president Dana White revealed in an interview with ESPN's Dan LeBatard last week that former NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal expressed an interest in proving himself in mixed martial arts.

"For a while there, Shaq was talking about getting into the Octagon. … I always thought he was joking," White said. "But Shaq would literally sit down with me and say, 'I'm serious, Dana. I wanna get in the UFC. I wanna fight.' "

When asked how the 300-plus-pound O'Neal would fare, White was dismissive of the Diesel's chances.

"I love Shaq, he's my man — I wouldn't throw him in there with one of our fighters," White said, laughing. "I'd put him in there with like … Elliott, my camera guy."

"How about one of your low-end fighters, the lowest of the low end?" LeBatard followed up. "You put him in there with Shaq, how long does that fight last?"

"It's not gonna last very long," White said.