A different Dixie

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I read with interest about Dixie State College and the battle to change its name. Really? "Should Dixie's new name honor tradition or change for the future?" (Tribune, Dec. 10):

I appreciate the concern for connections to racial bias and the "South," but does any rational person really connect St. George with what went on in the South? Really?

My son graduated from Dixie in 2004. It was a great experience. Not once in the recruiting or decision-making process did either of us make that bizarre connection.

Maybe we need to spend our time figuring out how to force ignorant colleges to remove their Native American mascots, or on making the college experience more applicable. (Someone explain why we "make" students pay for two years of general education classes that are the same things they just took in high school).

There's lots to worry about that's way more important than this ridiculous issue.

Ron Stott