America is one country

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The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act is constitutional. Under DOMA, no state is required to recognize a same-sex marriage from another state.

That is wrong. America is one country, with unfettered travel throughout it. So when a couple is legally married in New York City and adopts two children, why is their marriage is not valid if they move to, say, oh, Utah?

Every hetero couple in the United States assumes their marriage is legal wherever they move. Why not for same-sex couples? The Constitution guaranteed "equal protection of the laws"?

The Defense of Marriage Act really is the breaking of marriage act. And what of those children who are I assume are still legally adopted to the now unmarried couple. How is dissolving their parents' marriage in any way pro-family?

Gays and gay marriages are not going away. Nine states with 15 percent of Americans allow gay marriage, and an additional six states with 21 percent grant unions with rights similar to marriage.

One-third of Americans live in states that recognize gay unions, and the number will only grow. It's wrong for their legal relationships not to be recognized wherever they move.

Brendan Frye

Heber City