Not 'dressing down'

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Does Peggy Fletcher Stack realize the connotations of the subtitle to her story that stated that "feminists urge Mormon women to dress down for 'Wear Pants to Church Day'"? ("Mormon 'Pants Day' — debate heats up as women prepare to dress down," Tribune, Dec. 15).

I've seen many women and girls wear T-shirts or denim skirts to church. A nice pair of dress slacks with a dressy top is far more dressed up than that.

The point of wearing pants was not to encourage "dressing down." Rather, it was to bring to light the problem with some gender inequities being pushed in our church.

Wearing pants or skirts has nothing to do with a person's spirituality, respect for God, roles, or equitable treatment.

In the Tongan ward in our LDS meetinghouse, and in LDS churches in Hawaii, I've seen men wear lava-lavas and sarongs, with flip flops shoes. I've even seen men in kilts. They've weren't ostracized over that.

Thank goodness the "rule" that pink is for girls and blue is for boys isn't hard and fast; so many of us females wear blue.

Raylene Jorgenson

American Fork