On TV: 'Cougar Town' crew feels the love from TBS

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The folks at "Cougar Town" are sort of mad at the folks at ABC. But not too mad.

Oh, it's clear that the stars and producers of the sitcom, which moves to TBS on Tuesday at 8 p.m., are still harboring a bit of resentment toward their former home. Because they never felt like they got the kind of support they deserved.

"I don't know if you guys saw it," said Bill Lawrence, who co-created sitcom. "There's, like, commercials for the show now. It's insane. It's very odd."

Busy Phillips (Laurie) positively gushed about the reception "Cougar Town" got when it was picked up by TBS. "A billboard!" she exclaimed.

"Are you going to believe me if I say this was my plan all along?" Lawrence said.


"I think unless you're lucky enough to be a hit today, your goal in network television and off-net television, specifically, is just to stay alive," Lawrence said. "And I think that we've done so partially because the show's good, but partially because of the effort of all these guys and the writing staff."

When Josh Hopkins (Grayson) was in New York City, he was startled to see a "Cougar Town" billboard in Times Square. And he quickly texted photos of it to the rest of the cast.

It's not just the stars who noticed when TBS began advertising "Cougar Town" during the baseball playoffs.

"Our cameramen and crew and grips are, like, 'You guys know they're airing commercials for the show now?'" Lawrence said.

The promotional blitz has been a big boost for the cast and crew.

"It's just been a great feeling and [we're] so happy," said Courteney Cox (Jules). "It feels like we're a brand-new show that hasn't changed. You know what I mean? It feels like we're out there and I feel like it just started and yet we've been doing it and we feel so comfortable."

But they're also careful to keep the ABC jokes within the realm of humor.

"People are often looking for us to take shots at ABC and Disney — at our old company and network," Lawrence said with a wry smile. "But they're still the owners and producers of the show. And I think that they're doing a great job."

Scott D. Pierce