Tarantino's sick flick

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Even knowing what Quentin Tarantino's films are like, my husband and I went and saw "Django Unchained" because we like Jamie Foxx and the story line was compelling. The portrait of slavery was ugly, as it should be.

Based on the plot and the acting, it was a great movie. But it was marred by relentless, sickening, graphic violence. Just because a gruesome special effect can be done, doesn't mean it should be.

Not all Americans are hooked on brutal depictions of bloodshed. Nor must everything suit children.

Freedom of expression is a precious right, but with freedom comes responsibility. One responsibility rests with consumers to withhold money and approval.

Movie critics, so-called, seem incapable of writing a word in favor of directorial restraint, excusing violent excess as "art," "over the top," even "cartoonish." And, yes, we got the little homage to Sergio Leone, lest Hollywood think the hicks don't know jack.

Jackie McCowen-Rose