Wednesday on Utah TV: People's Choice Awards are meaningless fluff

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At least tonight's People's Choice Awards (8 p.m., CBS/Channel 2) are upfront about what they are. They're selected on the basis of online voting by people who care enough to vote.

In other words, they're meaningless.

Ah, well. Host Kaley Cuoco ("Big Bang Theory") is adorable. And if you don't take any of it seriously, it's mildly entertaining.

Elsewhere on TV …

NBA • (5 p.m., ROOT): Utah Jazz at Charlotte Bobcats

"I Get That A Lot" • (7 p.m., CBS/Channel 2): Cheech Marin, Phil Keoghan, Jeff Gordon, Bruce Jenner, Jane Seymour and the late Larry Hagman pretend to be their own look-alikes in this amusing pranks show.

"The Middle" • (7 p.m., ABC/Channel 4): Axl has to work on a school project with Sue.

"Whitney (7 p.m., NBC/Channel 5): Whitney tells Alex about her medical condition.

"Stars In Danger: The High Dive" • (7 p.m., Fox/Channel 13): Just when you thought celebrity competitions couldn't get any dumber.

"The Neighbors" • (7:30 p.m., ABC/Channel 4): Larry Bird helps Debbie with the PTA; Jackie Joyner Kersee helps Marty coach the soccer team.

"Guys with Kids" • (7:30 p.m., NBC/Channel 5): Gary tries to earn his father-in-law's respect.

"People's Choice Awards" (8 p.m., CBS/Channel 2): Kaley Cuoco hosts these essentially meaningless awards.

"Modern Family" • (8 p.m., ABC/Ch. 4): The family heads to Palm Springs for New Year's.

"Law & Order: SVU" • (8 p.m., NBC/Channel 5): A rape victim is arrested for murder.

"Nova" • (8 p.m., PBS/Channel 7): DNA evidence indicates humans and Neanderthals interbred some 60,000 years ago.

"Suburgatory" • (8:30 p.m., ABC/Channel 4): Tessa is obsessed with finding out what Dalia got on her PSATs.

"Nashville" • (9 p.m., ABC/Channel 4): Everyone is shocked by Juliette and Sean's elopement.

"Chicago Fire" • (9 p.m., NBC/Channel 5): Severide finally tells the chief about his injury.

"Life on Fire" • (9 p.m., PBS/Channel 7): Volcanologists try to predict eruptions.

"Top Chef: Seattle" • (11 p.m., Bravo): The contestants try to impress Wolfgang Puck.

"American Horror Story: Asylum" • (11 p.m., FX): The monsignor goes to extremes to silence Jude.

"Hot In Cleveland" • (11 p.m., Comedy Central): Joy's mother visits.

"Happily Divorced" • (11:30 p.m., Comedy Central): Judi's college boyfriend wants to rekindle their romance.

Scott D. Pierce