Coughing kids

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One can judge the quality of a nation by how it takes care of its people.

I have many concerns — gun violence, suicide rates, access to health care and education — but today I express my concern over the environment here.

I have been a director of children's programs in this valley for 30 years, and never have I seen so many asthmatic children as when I ran a large child-care center in Bountiful. The thought of expanding the oil refineries in this area is so unthinkable that it truly boggles the mind.

I have no doubt that the refineries are partly responsible for the dramatic increase in asthma in this area, and I am not convinced that they can guarantee the cleaner air they promise.

Watching small children trying to expel air from their lungs, and the look of terror on their faces, is something every oil refinery bigwig should be made to witness.

Please, Utah and Salt Lake area leaders, take care of your people. For the sake of the children, deny this request to expand the oil refineries.

Lynda Keddington