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"I cannot threaten VISA that I will refuse to pay unless they stop me from spending so much. This is a childish game being played by teahaddist idiots and the faux news feebs who elected them."

— occams_beard_trimmer

commenting on the Jan. 16 Tribune editorial, "Raise the limit: Dispute over debt limit irresponsible"

"If I give a stranger on the street directions to the local gas station that they then rob, does that make me a criminal? No way."

— PatriotGal1

commenting on the Jan. 15 Tribune editorial, "Swallow should go: A.G.'s version of events bad enough"

"Leave it to the intellectuals in St. George to uphold the righteous fight against the 13th Amendment."

— zoobiedoo

commenting on the Jan. 13 Tribune editorial, "Dixie State College: It is time for a new name"

"Actually the best line of this entire day is [Sen. Orrin] Hatch saying not to move too hastily. Good lord, he should know, he has been there for DECADES and hasn't lifted a finger to 'try anything'."

— outofservice

commenting on the Jan. 16 article, "President's gun-control plan tough sell in Utah, other states"

"Obama's proposals on gun control are a knee jerk reaction to a tragic incident. Before we move forward on any of these proposals we should stop and catch our breath."

— Fitz1

commenting on the Jan. 16 Tribune editorial, "Now is the time," which supported President Obama's gun control proposals

"That more violence is the solution to violent acts is breathtakingly stupid; yet it is the only solution the NRA endorses.

— Fred_the_literate

commenting on the same editorial