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Few Utahns realize the exceptional performance of our governor and state Legislature. They have done an incredible job to make Utah stand out from almost every other state. Just a few of their more notable accomplishments:

1. Per-pupil educational spending.

2. High school graduation rates.

3. Laws that avoid public scrutiny and comment.

4. Demanding federal lands be given to the state.

5. Addressing global warming science.

6. Quirky liquor laws every year.

7. An Alcoholic Beverage Control Board that keeps Utah on the map.

8. Addressing some of the worst air pollution in the nation.

Our roads are too congested, restaurants have long waits, stores are jam-packed and classrooms are overcrowded.

I believe our state government is working hard to dissuade people and businesses from moving here and encouraging many current residents to move away. It is a plan conceived by unsung geniuses and farsighted leaders.

When Utah finally succeeds in getting rid of the demanding Outdoor Retailer show and the evil Sundance Film Festival, we will begin to see change we can believe in.

Tucker Thomson