Founders rolling over

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In this age of polarization, I am totally right and anyone who disagrees with me is totally wrong! Let's quit acting like children.

Please remember some realities about "the right to bear arms" that existed in 1787: A "gun" — an "arm" to be "borne"— was a muzzle-loading device for hunting and self-defense. Today's weapons of crowd destruction have more similarities (in terms of destroying human life) to a cannon of 1787 than a gun.

James Madison and other champions of the Bill of Rights are probably rolling over in their graves at this debate over the right to bear a cannon!

I totally agree that "people kill people — not guns." This retired teacher agrees 100 percent that what's really needed is to change the people in this world — starting with you and me.

But if these monsters didn't have access to these modern-day cannons, a lot fewer people would be murdered by them. Can we please calm down and have an adult discussion?

David A McClay